New Mascut Lathe for sale – MA1840


2 axis digital readout
Swing over the bed 460mm
Center height 230mm
Max Swing over cross slide 290mm
Max swing over gap 640mm
Distance between centers 1000mm
With of bed 350mm
Spindle bore 56mm
Spindle nose D1-6
18 step Spindle speeds 39-2800RPM
3 Jaw chuck 10″
4 Jaw chuck 12″
Face plate
Cross slide travel 280mm
Compound rest travel
Quill diameter 75mm
Quill travel 170mm
Quill taper MT#5
Lead screw 6mm
Metric pitch threads 6mm
Imperial pitch threads 4-56 TPI (35 kinds)
Module pitch threads 0.25 – 3.5M
DP threads kinds
Main spindle motor 7.5HP
Rapid feed motor 90W
Coolant pump motor 1/8HP
Range of longitudinal feeds 0.06 – 0.88mm/rev
Range of cross feeds 0.03 – 0.44mm/rev

Machine weight: 2000kg (approx.)

This machine is supplied with the following standard accessories:
Reverse jaws for 3 Jaw Chuck, Oil Gun, Spanners to suit the machine, Hex Keys, Center sleeve & Dead sleeve.

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